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Saddlebrook Solar + Storage Project


TC Energy will construct and operate a solar and energy storage project, known as the Saddlebrook Solar + Storage Project. It will consist of a solar-generating facility that will operate in conjunction with a battery energy storage system.

The solar-generating facility will use state-of-the-art bifacial solar panels to generate energy and the battery energy storage system will be supplied by Lockheed Martin and will employ their long-duration GridStar® Flow energy storage system.

The Project will be located entirely on TC Energy-owned land at the Saddlebrook Industrial Park, southeast of the intersection at Highway 2A and Township Road 200, in 31-19-28-W4M in Aldersyde, Alberta.

Solar Panels
News Release — October 4, 2022:

TC Energy to build its first solar energy project in Canada

TC Energy Corporation will begin pre-construction activities of the Saddlebrook Solar Project located near Aldersyde, Alberta. TC Energy is investing $146 million to build its first Canadian solar power project. It has the capacity to generate 81 megawatts, enough energy to power 20,000 homes annually. The initial construction includes installing solar panels on TC Energy property in the local industrial park.

Read the full News Release.



Phase One of the Project will consist of the installation of up to 81 megawatts (MW) of solar generation, which can generate enough electricity to power approximately 20,000 homes.



Phase Two of the Project will consist of the installation of a utility-scale energy storage facility, up to 6.5 MW, 40-megawatt-hour (MWh).

Both phases will utilize inverter technology to convert the electricity produced by the solar panels and battery into alternating current. The electricity produced will feed into the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES) through an existing substation located on the Project lands.

Saddlebrook Power + Storage: 81 Megawatts generation capacity =  20,000 homes powered

Project timeline


Distribute Stakeholder and landowner notification


Conduct survey and field work


File for a land use amendment and development permit application through the County


File regulatory application with Alberta Utility Commission (AUC)

Q3 2022

Subject to regulatory approval, commence construction activities for Phase One

Q2 2023

Subject to regulatory approval, commence construction activities for Phase Two

Q4 2023

Anticipated in-service date for Phase One

Q1 2024

Anticipated in-service date for Phase Two

Emissions Reduction Alberta

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) LogoThe proposed Project is partially supported by $10 million in funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) through their BEST Challenge, to support the development of a hybrid solar generation facility combined with a flow battery energy storage system.

ERA’s BEST Challenge targets technologies that demonstrate the potential to reduce GHG emissions in Alberta and secure the province’s success in a lower carbon economy. Innovators with technology scale-up, demonstration and first-of-kind implementation projects in the areas of biotechnology, electricity or sustainable transportation were invited to apply.

81 MW generation capacity, enough to power 20,000 homes
State-of-the-art bifacial (double sided) solar panels
First Canadian project to use Lockheed Martin's GridStar® Flow Energy Storage System
Received funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) through their BEST Challenge

Why bifacial solar panels?

Conventional PV modules are mono-facial, meaning that their electricity output is a function of irradiance, both direct and diffused, captured on the front side of the module only. Conversely, bifacial modules convert irradiance captured on both the front and back sides of the module into electrical power. As a result, bifacial modules typically offer enhanced power over mono-facial modules through the capture of reflected light on the backside of the panel. Bifacial modules hence generate more electricity than a traditional mono-facial module utilizing the same footprint.

Additionally, snow is normally a hindrance to energy production in conventional solar facilities. However, bifacial modules benefit from the higher reflectivity of snow on the ground because more light is reflected onto the backside of the module to generate electricity. It is expected that the application of this technology in Alberta’s climate will assist in producing markedly more energy throughout the year, especially during winter.




TC Energy initiated field studies in 2017 and completed the studies in 2019. These studies included the following:

  • Wildlife surveys
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Wetland surveys

The results of these field studies were compiled and analyzed by a third-party environmental consultant and subsequently submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) in accordance with the Wildlife Directive for Alberta Solar Energy Projects.

Based on a review of this report, the AEP issued a Renewable Energy Referral Report for the project in May 2019. In accordance with the conditions in the Renewable Energy Report, TC Energy has continued to monitor the potential for wildlife and wildlife habitat at the site.

Historical Resource

TC Energy received a Historical Resource Act (HRA) Approval from Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women in January 2020. The HRA Approval considers the archeological impacts of the entire project area.


TC Energy worked with a third-party consultant to complete a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) for the proposed project layout as per AUC Rule 012, “Noise Control”.


TC Energy worked with a third-party consultant to complete a glare analysis.


For further information regarding the Alberta Utilities Commission’s processes, please contact us or contact the regulator directly:

310-4AUC (Alberta)
1-833-511-4282 (Outside of Alberta)

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