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Community Giving

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Our community giving program, Build Strong, invests in organizations that are integral to local communities, and our business. Whether we are providing grants to organizations, awarding scholarships to students or sponsoring a local event that brings community members together, our goal is to help build strong, vibrant communities through mutually beneficial relationships.

Build Strong, which includes the TC Energy Foundation in the United States, donates to non-profits, registered charities, associations, municipalities, social enterprises, Indigenous groups and foundations that:

  • equip first responders with important tools and resources;
  • improve access to education;
  • protect and enhance the environment;
  • and alleviate poverty.

In 2020, we donated more than C$25.6 million to over 2,500 different organizations and students from 1,040 communities across North America.

Apply for funding

The Build Strong application is open annually from January to November. Decisions are typically made within 8-10 weeks.

Types of Funding


A tax-deductible donation made to an organization that does not require the donor to receive significant goods or services in return.


A donation made to an organization that results in the donor receiving some form of commercial benefit. These are typically one-time events, such as galas and conferences, and may not be tax-deductible.

In-kind Donations

A donation of equipment or resources owned by TC Energy made to an organization. Some examples include furniture, vehicles, computers and employee time.


The TC Energy Scholarship program provides financial support to students enrolled in post-secondary institutions. We offer over 800 scholarships across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to help develop the next generation of diverse, innovative community leaders and provide a skilled workforce for our industry.


Focus Areas


  • Equipment and training identified by first responder organizations to quickly and effectively respond to local needs.
  • Emergency preparedness resources that enhance a community’s ability to respond to emergency situations.
  • Natural disaster preparation and response programs that ensure the safety and readiness of TC Energy employees and/or community members in the event of a natural disaster.


  • STEM education programs for grades K-12 that provide opportunities to expose students to science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.
  • Post-secondary training programs that enable greater participation in the employment and contracting opportunities created by our projects, operations and the energy industry. 
  • Workforce enablement programs that offer job readiness and workplace essential skills training in communities.   
  • Safety education and awareness programs that enhance safe community practices.
  • Youth environmental education and awareness programs that expose children to nature, encourage sustainable practices at home and promote the importance of the environment.  
  • Education-focused special events and conferences that offer strategic opportunities for TC Energy to engage with potential talent.*


  • Environmental projects organized by local environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs),community groups or Indigenous groups that protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk or restore important wildlife habitats.
  • Environmental projects organized by national ENGOs that protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk or restore important wildlife habitats.
  • Environment-focused special events and conferences that bring subject matter experts together with the TC Energy workforce.*


  • Poverty reduction initiatives that are identified as high-priority by the community and align with one of the following four categories:
    • Food security
    • Substance abuse prevention
    • Youth protection
    • Displacement support
  • Local special events and celebrations that bring people together and are open to all members of the community.*
  • Events hosted by business associations that are driving economic growth and generating employment opportunities in local communities.
  • Small civic infrastructure projects (total project cost under $100,000) that provide a safe and inclusive gathering place for all members of the community.

*Support for events and conferences are limited in the U.S. to ensure TC Energy Foundation compliance with IRS regulations.

Apply for funding

TC Energy Tech Hub creates a safe space for Houston youth to receive high-quality, hands-on STEM education

TC Energy partnered with Comp-U-Dopt, a non-profit providing technology access and education to Houston's underserved youth. Through this partnership, we are helping prepare the leaders of tomorrow, building strong and skilled workforces for the next generation. To address the critical need for technology, we donated 150 computers and laptops to students in need as well as US$200,000 to create the TC Energy Tech Hub. The Tech Hub is a space where Comp-U-Dopt delivers high-quality, hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programming to hundreds of students in the Houston area in 2021.